5/32" SquareLock Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit

5/32" SquareLock Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit

Model No.︰6mm

Brand Name︰TongFeng

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 12 / m

Minimum Order︰200 m

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Product Description

The TongFengflex micro Conduit range of small bore conduit is produced from continuous stainless steel strip and comes in a range of sizes from 3mm to 12.7 mm ID.

Stainless steel strip is helically wound to produce these ruggedly built conduits for industrial applications such as robotics and clean rooms, as well as IT and control systems.

The PVC covering is applied onto the metal surface with a Vacuum process. The finished surface will have a spiral corrugated pattern. It is most suitable for tight-spot installation and where a certain water tightness is required.

The PVC covering is extruded onto the metal surface, thus producing a smoother finished surface. when used with liquid-tight fittings it offers a higher degree of liquid tightness than the vacuum jacketed type.

High tensile strength metal wires are tightly braided onto the small bore flexible metal tubing for optimum protection. It provides increased abrasion resistant, improved EMI screening, and resists hot metal splashes.

5/32" SquareLock Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit- with SUS304/301 stainless steel manufacture, light weight and flexibility is very rich, repeatedly bending properties of a good, tough stretch will not lead to release conduit, conduit with a strong fight against the lateral side pressure and vertical pressure, effective use of these strengths can be a reliable fiber-optic and sensor protection.

size 5/32"

Inside Diameter 0.156"

Outer Diameter 0.235"

Coiling Diameter 1.80"

Weight 0.045Kg/m

Breaking Load Min. 66Kgs

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