Over the years, TongFeng has developed its own production machines with fully automated drivers and controllers. These machines represent the long term commitment of the company in research, development, and production. To further meet customers' special requests, the company has been constantly developing new machineries that address to particular needs.
In order to ensure our product quality, the company has also installed a complete line of  testing equipment which encompasses tests of tension, pressure, fatigue, corrosion, thermal, and shock. All the tests are conformed to various international standards and to customers' specifications.
Our hoses are subject to the following tests:
Tension test
Burst pressure, up to 2,000psi maximum
Flow Rate test
Hot water exposure test
Thermal shock test
Bending fatigue test
Intermittent shock test
Long-tern heat aging test
Corrosion test
Other designated testing items such as the capability tests CSA, ASSE,  ASME, and IAPMO