Superior Tensile Strength Flexible stainless steel conduit

Superior Tensile Strength Flexible stainless steel conduit

Model No.︰squarelock

Brand Name︰TongFeng

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 10 / m

Minimum Order︰200 m

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Product Description

The Square-Locked tube/ conduit is produced from a continues metal strip which is locked into position by one overlapping joint. The highly flexible tube provides excellent mechanical protection without stretching or binding.
Its small size and ruggedness makes it ideal for protecting fiber optic bundles and sensor cables, medical equipments, robotics, fiber scopes, or light guides. Square-Locked tubes are available in various materials and optional sheathing. Tube Material: Stainless Steel / Galvanized Steel
ID: ø3.0 ~ ø102.0mm
OD: ø4.6 ~ ø110.0mm
OD with Coating: ø6.1 ~ ø 112.5mm
• General purpose Tube
• Low weight
• Good pliability
• Non stretching, excellent bending characteristics
• High pulling strength
• Resisting lateral pressure
• Oil tight- and waterproof for types SLP, SLO, SLS
• Tubing: Stainless steel, Titanium, Copper
• Sheathing: Soft PVC, Olefin, Silicon
• Optical fiber protection
• Various sensors protection
• Electrical wire protection
• Medical equipment
• Fiber scopes, light guides
• Commercial game machines
• Outdoor video surveillance cameras
• Protection against vandalism
• Rodent proof for outdoor applications
• Aircraft Industry
Standard Length:
• Standard production length is approx. 100m
Note: We accept orders for inserting Optical Fibers and Kevlar
yarn in– and outside the tube.
The Interlocked Tube's metal strip is fully interlocked. This offers superior tensile strenght and crush resistance while allowing full extension and compression without binding. The Interlocked Tube is designed to maintain a particular shape or bending condition which makes this tube ideal for application such as light guides or bundling optical fibers in medical equipment.
The Interlocked Tube also incorporates a cotton thread for waterproofing and vibration absorption. Standard material is stainless steel with optional sheathing.
Tube Material: Stainless Steel / Galvanized Steel
ID: ø4.0 ~ ø63.0mm
OD: ø6.0 ~ ø67.5mm
OD with Coating: ø7.0 ~ ø72.5mm
• Very strong interlocking
• Resists lateral pressure
• No elasticity, large bending radius
• Tubing: Stainless steel
• Sheathing: Soft Polyvinyl Chloride, Olefin, Silicon
• Hollow quartz fiber protection
Interlocked Tubes / Conduits
The Interlocked tubes are connected firmer than Square-locked conduits. By interlocking U-shaped stainless steel tape the flexible tube becomes stronger. The Interlocked tubes resist high lateral pressure, twisting and pulling, with repeated bending which makes them an ideal solution for protecting optical fibers and light guides.
•Protection for large core optical fibers
•High Power fiber laser cables
•High tensile strength and crush resistance
•Repeated bending
•Pliable and non-stretch
Interlocked Tubes / Conduits are connected firmer than Square-Locked conduits. They resist high lateral pressure, twisting and pulling, with repeated bending. Optimum protection for optical fiber designed for optical fibers and light guides. They also offer excellent vibration absorption.

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